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2021 Playbill

Theatre Collingwood says “V” is for VACCINE and VICTORY over the pandemic!

We are thrilled to announce a very special partnership, and a pin that we feel will have incredible power.

Thom Vincent is the president of Global Hospitality and Balmoral Village. His list of accomplishments are way too many to list here.  Thom and his wife, Kari Payne, are not only great supporters of Theatre Collingwood, community-minded philanthropic people, they are truly visionaries.  When the pandemic hit Thom immediately started thinking ahead to the day when we would all be getting our vaccines and, with the help of his friend Jeff Shearer, he developed a concept of producing and distributing a pin that people could receive once they have been vaccinated, to not only show they have done this but to encourage others to get vaccinated, too.  This pin could generate conversations and perhaps most of all… [READ MORE]


For an Arts Centre in Collingwood.


In January 2021, The Town of Collingwood engaged Nordicity and Giaimo Architects to undertake a Feasibility Study for an Arts and Culture Centre in Collingwood. This report represents the findings, options, and recommendations as to next steps based on the research, consultations and analysis conducted between January and August 2021. The purpose of the study was to:

  1. Evaluate the needs of the arts and cultural community in Collingwood.
  2. Determine if, and to what degree, there is demand for an arts and culture centre.
  3. Assess the feasibility of a new arts and culture centre in Collingwood.


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