Written by Tom Allen

ONLINE – November 13th at 7PM to November 15th at 7AM

About This Event

On December 16, 1825 Theodor Molt became the sole Canadian to meet Ludwig van Beethoven, but what could have happened between the two men? After Molt’s florid greeting in one of Beethoven’s notebooks, the following four pages were violently ripped out and destroyed. Betrayal? Competition? Scandal? Or just old fashioned ego and pride? With music, song, drama, history and informed speculation, The Missing Pages investigates.

Covid-19 has put great restrictions on the theatre world, making it not possible for us to bring to you live performances in person. Therefore, Theatre Collingwood is venturing into the world of streamed performances and invites you to attend from the safety and comfort of your own home!

Please join us for this brilliant production from CBC radio host Tom Allen.

Written by Tom Allen

Richard Greenblatt – Director
Derek Boyes – Ludwig van Beethoven
Tom Allen – Anton Schindler
Patricia O’Callaghan – Susannah Sotto
Bryce Kulak – Theodore Molt
Lori Gemmell – harpist
Gregory J. Sinclair – Video Direction and Photography

Ludwig van Beethoven in his study (circa 1890) from a painting by Carl Schloesser.


You will purchase a “ticket” for the low price of $25 plus HST. This will entitle you to a link to the performance, that you and your household may watch over a 36 hour time frame, beginning on Friday, November 13th at 7pm. The link will be sent to you on the day before the show and our staff will be available to help you with any questions you may have. You will simply click on the private link and enjoy the show!

The wonderful thing about this concept is that it holds no geographical barriers, so please tell your friends and family, wherever they live in the world, that they may also buy the link. Or you may want to purchase it as a gift for someone.

Theatre Collingwood: Bringing great performances to our community for 36 years. And now from the comfort of your living room!


The Missing Pages

A Play with Music

By Tom Allen

Theodore Molt…………Bryce Kulak

Susannah Sotto……… Patricia O’Callaghan

Anton Schindler………. Tom Allen

Ludwig van Beethoven………Derek Boyes

Harpist……………………. Lori Gemmell

Video Direction and Photography…..Gregory J. Sinclair


Beethoven: [excerpt] Sonata No. 1 in F, Opus 2, 1st Mvt (1795) Arr. L. Gemmell

Beethoven: (excerpt) Sonata No. 8 in C Minor, Opus 13, 2nd Movement (1798)

Beethoven: (excerpt) Bagatelle in G Minor, Opus 119, No. 1 (1803)

Beethoven: (excerpt) Sonata No. 15 in D, Opus 28, 2nd Mvt. (1801)

Handel: Laschia ch’io Pianga or Leave me to Weep from Rinaldo (1711)

Beethoven: (excerpt) Cavatina in Eb from Quartet No. 13, Opus 130 (1825)

Kulak/Allen Greatness (2018)

Molt: Post Horn Waltz and Variations – Theme and 3 Variations (1822)

Beethoven: Grosse Fuga, Meno Mosso, from Quartet No 13, Opus 130 (1825)

CPE Bach: Sonata for Harp in G, 1st Movement (1762) Arr. Jane Weidensaul


Beethoven: Sonata No. 15 in D, Opus 28, 2nd Movement (1801) Arr. L. Gemmell

Beethoven: [excerpt] Sonata No. 1 in F, Opus 2, 1st Mvt (1795)

Beethoven: Auf dem Hügel from An die Ferne Geleibte (1816)

Allen: Great Maestro! (2018)

Beethoven: (excerpt) Quartet N16 in F, Opus 135, last movement

O’Callaghan/Allen More than One Way (2020)

CPE Bach: Harp Sonata in G, 2nd Movement (1762) Arr. Jane Weidensaul

Beethoven: Freu dich des Lebens! or Rejoice in Life! (1825)

Beethoven: (excerpt) Sonata No. 15 in D, Opus 28, 1st mvt. (1801) Arr. L. Gemmell

Thanks: The Missing Pages was created with generous support from the Scott Griffin Foundation, on a joint-commission from The Ottawa International Chamber Music Festival, Festival of the Sound and Music Niagara. 

This video was produced by Tom Allen, directed by Gregory J. Sinclair with assistance from Nicolas Sinclair. Sound was recorded and mixed by Peter Gemmell. Filmed in June, 2020, at Beaches Presbyterian Church in Toronto – many thanks to the congregation for the use of this beautiful room.

Tom Allen hosts Shift on CBC Music. He is the author of three non-fiction books, plays the trombone when he can and wrote this show, among many others. Mostly, he’s a storyteller. www.tomtomallen.com

Lori Gemmell is the Principal Harpist with the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony and plays often with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. She has 2 recordings of solo harp music, 2 duo recordings and also recorded with Feist. www.lorigemmell.com

Patricia O’Callaghan is a recording and performing artist with 5 solo CDs, several collaborations and a Christmas album.  She tours her shows, and as a guest artist around North America, Europe, and Australia. www.patricia-ocallaghan.com

Bryce Kulak began performing professionally at 11. He is an actor, singer, pianist and composer. His albums WelcomeTin Can Telephone, and The Man That Got Away are on iTunes. www.brycekulak.com

Derek Boyes is a director, actor in Toronto, where he has performed in over 40 productions including many years as a Resident Artist with Soulpepper Theatre. He has also performed with the Stratford and Shaw festivals and Toronto Masque Theatre.