AUGUST 16-19, Simcoe Street Theatre


Co-written by Kirk Dunn and Claire Ross Dunn, Performed by Kirk Dunn

Meet Kirk – actor, writer, knitter, and PK (Preacher’s Kid). Prompted by the events of 9/11, Kirk Dunn knit a huge triptych of tapestries, each 2.8m tall by 1.6m wide, designed as stained-glass windows, exploring the commonalities and conflicts of the Abrahamic faiths. What he expected would take 10 months ended up taking him 15 years to complete!

In a show that is all about knitting and not about knitting at all, Kirk looks at the rise of Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, and fear of ‘the other’. He delves into the fascinating story of his 15-year journey knitting the tapestries, his artistic path of self-doubt, financial despair, theological questioning and the value of a loving partner who is willing to be a butt-kicking muse.

You’ll laugh, cry, and even participate in a little bit of knitting yourself as Kirk celebrates diversity, interfaith understanding, and the power of art to get us there. This multi-media spectacular includes one-of-a-kind fibre art woven together with modern creative tech and human performance art. This show is for knitters, students of theology, admirers of all types of visual, performance, and multi-media art, and anyone participating in the human experience. You do NOT have to know anything about knitting to enjoy this show – but you might walk away as a converted knitter yourself!

Awards and Accolades for The Knitting Pilgrim:

“A stunning piece of theatre… glorious and so moving.” – Lynn Slotkin, The Slotkin Letter