Cobs Bread Bakery Vouchers


COBS BREAD opened in Collingwood during the pandemic! Andrea Sire opened her business at a time most would think would be undesirable, but they have never looked back. Everyone loves their delicious breads and pastries!

We are thrilled to announce that Andrea and her team are supporting Theatre Collingwood with a most delicious fund raiser! Thank you so much to this great community partner!

We are selling COBS BREAD company vouchers (or as Anne calls them “Theatre Cobs-ingwood vouchers”) for JUST $20 each. The voucher entitles you to get a FREE item every time you visit their store, for 6 visits.

It is worth $30 and lists 6 different items to choose from, one per visit.

The store is located at 151 First Street, Unit 6, Collingwood and the voucher is valid until March 2022.

To purchase your Cobs Bakery Voucher just click on tickets (it will look like you are buying a show ticket). You can also order vouchers by phone at 705-445-2200 or by emailing us at

The vouchers also make great gifts.  Give your “Sweet Buns” a Cobs Voucher to show your love – free delivery of passes is available within Collingwood.

So get your “buns” moving and get your voucher today! Thank you for supporting Theatre Collingwood and we hope you enjoy your delicious treats from COBS BREAD!