We are so thrilled that we can once again present our annual reading of A Christmas Carol LIVE at First Presbyterian Church! It’s going to be a wonderful evening.

Wednesday December 14th – 8:00 pm.

Did you know that the story “A Christmas Carol” was written in 1843. Charles Dickens was so thrilled with the idea that he wrote it in under six weeks! The first reading of it took three hours.
Don’t worry, our version is just 90 minutes!

We are thrilled with our amazing group of readers for this year’s performance.
They are (in alphabetical order):

Erica Angus
Mayor Yvonne Hamlin
Dean Hollin
Shirley Joost
Roz McArthur
Dr. Brian McCrindle
Anne Raciunas
Jim Roe
Annette Sandberg
Connor St. Croix
Daniel Vnukowski
Leslie Worts