Sexy Laundry

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Show Dates:

Tuesday, May 16th8pm
Wednesday, May 17th2pm
Wednesday, May 17th8pm
Thursday, May 18th8pm
Friday, May 19th8pm
Saturday, May 20th8pm


Production Sponsor:  Noble Insurance

Written by Michele Riml

Directed by David Nairn, Theatre Orangeville

Starring Debbie Collins and Terry Barna.

After twenty-five years of marriage, the emergence of love handles and receding hairlines, Alice and Henry have hit a physical plateau. With a “Sex for Dummies” guidebook in hand, Alice convinces Henry into a weekend of alone time in a swanky hotel in the hopes of seducing him and unearthing her inner vixen!  Henry, however, wants to keep things the way they are – comfortable and easy.  What ensues in this adult comedy is absolute hilarity as the two discover themselves and their marriage all over again.

This show deals with adult humour, language & situations.